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Vale and Downland Museum Trust


The Vale & Downland Museum (Wantage) – a company limited by guarantee registered in England no. 06700294 and a registered charity number 1126995 – promotes and maintains a community facility that is operated by, and for the benefit of, the people of Wantage and the Vale of the White Horse.


The Museum’s role in the community:

  • Celebrate and interpret the human and natural history of the area for visitors, tourists and the local population
  • Nurture an understanding and love of the area in the next generation
  • Be welcoming to all members of the community and involve them wherever possible through varied activities, e.g.,
    • Volunteering
    • Events
    • Projects
    • School visits
    • Partnerships
  • Be a focal point to orientate and inform about the Vale and the town
  • Be a repository of information on Wantage and the surrounding area
  • Above all, to foster a sense of belonging and a sense of place



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