Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Software infrastructure - to confirm proposals for the council's software infrastructure06/06/2023For Determination03/07/2023
Stanford-in-the-Vale Conservation Area - to adopt the Appraisal and Management Plan02/06/2023For Determination29/09/2023
Drayton Conservation Area - to adopt the Appraisal and Management Plan02/06/2023For Determination29/09/2023
Great Western Park Health Centre - to update the various workstreams and delegate authority to enter into an agreement for lease and a funding agreement for the delivery of a health centre. This is likely to be considered in confidential session und02/06/2023For Determination23/06/2023
Refugee accommodation - to recommend Council to purchase of accommodation for refugees using the Local Authority Housing Fund02/06/2023For Determination03/07/2023
Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure - to agree a funding arrangement with Oxfordshire County Council02/06/2023For Determination29/09/2023
Joint Local Plan Regulation 18 Part 2 - to approve preferred options for consultation27/04/2023For Determination11/08/2023
Future Oxfordshire Partnership - to approve amended terms of reference and memorandum of association02/03/2023For Determination23/06/2023
Car park refurbishment project - to award a contract for refurbishments24/02/2023For Determination07/2023
Vale Partnership grant policy – to approve the policy06/02/2023For Determination23/06/2023
Integrated Care Strategy - to endorse the Integrated Care Partnership’s priorities20/01/2023For Determination23/06/2023
Grant funding affordable housing - to review the policy to allocate Section 106 affordable housing funds16/01/2023For Determination03/07/2023
UK Shared Prosperity Fund and Rural England Prosperity Fund - to approve a draft action plan to deliver the scheme09/12/2022For Determination06/2023
Faringdon Leisure Centre - to award a contract to replace the pool filter18/11/2022For Determination06/2023
Play areas - to provide a maintenance service for existing play areas15/07/2022For Determination02/2024
Standing item: Recommendations from other committees - to consider and determine action on any recommendations from other committees13/07/2021For Determination23/06/2023
Grounds maintenance and public toilet cleaning services - to provide vehicles for this service15/06/2021For Determination06/2023
Sparsholt Sewage Treatment Works - to replace the existing plant13/06/2019For Determination06/2023
Standing item: Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy funds - to create a budget and release funds10/11/2017For Determination06/2023
Standing item: Property decisions - to approve any property sales or purchases or take any property management decisions09/10/2013For Determination06/2023