Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Community Safety Partnership (CSP) annual report16/04/2024For Determination16/09/2024
Capita contract options15/04/2024For Determination04/06/2024
GLL annual report (leisure centres) 2023-2410/04/2024For Determination16/09/2024
Saba annual performance report10/04/2024For Determination16/09/2024
Biffa annual performance report10/04/2024For Determination15/07/2024
Provision and monitoring arrangements of public space CCTV28/03/2024For Determination28/06/2024
Future agenda items tbc10/04/2024For Determination07/05/2024
Decarbonisation projects - lessons learned report07/03/2024For Determination
Budget Process07/03/2024For Determination24/09/2024
Thames Water and the Environment Agency07/03/2024For Determination
Procurement Strategy07/03/2024For Determination
New depot07/03/2024For Determination11/06/2024
Corporate Plan 2024-202807/03/2024For Determination24/09/2024
The Beacon update report07/03/2024For DeterminationBefore 31/12/2024
Community assets07/03/2024For Determination
Grounds maintenance depot07/03/2024For Determination
Joint Local Plan07/03/2024For Determination30/09/2024
Review of new Section 106 Affordable Housing grant funding application process07/03/2024For Determination11/06/2024
Waste and street cleansing strategy and service07/03/2024For Determination04/06/2024
Budget Monitoring - to consider the quarter 3 monitoring report29/02/2024For Determination19/04/2024
New Depot: site, professional services and budget - to approve the preferred site, seek delegation to enter into an Agreement for Lease, and award the Professional Services contract. (This29/02/2024For Determination28/06/2024
Five Councils Partnership - to recommend Council to approve contract exit options. (This is likely to be an exempt decision under category 3.)20/02/2024For Determination28/06/2024
Waste transfer station and reprocessing of mixed dry recycling - to approve the procurement of contracts20/02/2024For Determination19/03/2024
Hackney Carriage Tariff - to approve a new tariff20/02/2024For Determination19/04/2024
Section 106 funding - to consider an application by Wantage Town Football Club01/02/2024For Determination29/02/2024
HR and Payroll System - to procure a new system12/01/2024For Determination09/02/2024
Didcot Garden Town update, draft green infrastructure strategy and draft wayfinding strategy10/01/2024For Determination19/04/2024
Electoral Management System - to award a contract to procure the system10/01/2024For Determination07/02/2024
Section 106 funding - to consider a funding application for sports facilities at Milton10/01/2024For Determination19/04/2024
Didcot Technology Park - to recommend Council to adopt a local development order04/12/2023For Determination28/06/2024
Housing Enforcement Policy - to approve a new policy04/12/2023For Determination19/04/2024
Housing Delivery Strategy Action Plan - to review the action plan04/12/2023For Determination19/04/2024
Waste and Street Cleansing Strategy and Service - to approve the strategy04/12/2023For Determination11/10/2024
Waste Vehicle Purchasing Strategy - to approve a strategy04/12/2023For Determination19/04/2024
UK Shared Prosperity Fund - to award funding under UK Shared Prosperity Fund intervention E22: Enterprise Infrastructure and Employment/Innovation sites13/10/2023For Determination10/11/2023
UK Shared Prosperity Fund - to award funding to deliver UK Shared Prosperity Fund intervention E29: Supporting Decarbonisation13/10/2023For Determination10/11/2023
UK Shared Prosperity Fund - to award UK Shared Prosperity Fund E3: Creation of/Improvements to Green Spaces13/10/2023For Determination10/11/2023
Rural England Prosperity Funding - to award round 2 grant funding13/10/2023For Determination10/11/2023
UK Shared Prosperity Fund - Assumption of financial risk for UK Shared Prosperity Fund intervention E39: Green Skills Courses13/10/2023For Determination10/11/2023
UK Shared Prosperity Fund - to award UK Shared Prosperity Fund E2: Community and Neighbourhood Infrastructure Projects Funding13/10/2023For Determination10/11/2023
Custodianship and management of countryside land - to award a contract for three sites12/10/2023For Determination09/11/2023
Oxfordshire Councils Charter - to adopt the charter12/10/2023For Determination28/06/2024
Tree planting policy - to review the policy for planting trees on council land02/10/2023For Determination28/06/2024
Leasing of vehicles for grounds maintenance20/07/2023For Determination update report in 2024 after call-in of decision in July 2023
Transformation programme update20/07/2023For Determination15/07/2024
Car park refurbishment project - to award a contract for refurbishments24/02/2023For Determination24/03/2023
Corporate plan annual performance report 23/2410/02/2023For Determination24/09/2024
Faringdon Leisure Centre - to award a contract to replace the pool filter18/11/2022For Determination16/12/2022
Sparsholt Sewage Treatment Works - to replace the existing plant13/06/2019For Determination11/07/2019