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Audit and Inspection Plan 2009/10

20/03/2009 - Internal Audit Annual Plan 2009/10

The Committee received and considered report 174/08 of the Audit Manager.  The report explained the process for setting the Internal Audit Plan and for calculating the resources available.  The report also set out the proposed Internal Audit Plan for 2009/10, based on the first six months being fixed in place, and the last six months being an indicative plan.  In compiling the draft plan, the Audit Manager had consulted the Chief Executive, Strategic Directors and the Heads of Service, as well as the Audit Commission, to ensure that the plan reviewed the areas of highest risk and importance. 


Members noted an amendment to the plan; the comments and complaints audit would be allocated ten days not fifteen. 


The Committee welcomed the plan and thanked the officer for her report. 




that the 2009/10 Internal Audit Plan be approved, including the first six months fixed plan and second six months indicative plan.