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Software infrastructure - to confirm proposals for the council's software infrastructure

16/08/2023 - Update on the council's Information Technology infrastructure

Cabinet considered the head of corporate services’ report, which summarised the discussions relating to the council’s information technology arrangements.  The report sought support to progress with the implementation of the council’s previously agreed approach to create a single tenancy for its Microsoft 365 infrastructure with South Oxfordshire District Council.  This was part of the councils’ joint Technology Strategy originally agreed in 2018 and re-affirmed in 2021. 


Cabinet noted the options:

1.    to agree to move forward with the segregation of the council’s Microsoft 365 tenancy and create a stand-alone environment for South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse district councils.

2.    wait to the end of the Capita contract in 2025. 


Cabinet considered that option 1 would allow the council to progress this work quickly and that the complex unpicking of our current information technology arrangements should not wait until the contract end. 




(a)       note the update set out in the head of corporate services’ report to Cabinet on 3 July 2023;


(b)       reaffirm the council’s intention to pursue a separate Microsoft 365 tenancy as part of the council’s overall transformation programme and planned exit from the outsourced information technology arrangements; and


(c)        authorise the deputy chief executive - transformation and operations, in
consultation with the Cabinet member for corporate services, to take all necessary steps to implement the council’s withdrawal from the shared Microsoft 365 tenancy.




(d)       that a supplementary estimate of £326,000 be added to the 2023/24 revenue budget, funded as set out in the head of corporate services’ report to Cabinet on 3 July 2023.