Issue - decisions

Future Oxfordshire Partnership - to approve amended terms of reference and memorandum of association

16/08/2023 - Future Oxfordshire Partnership - terms of reference and memorandum of association

Cabinet considered the report of the deputy chief executive – partnerships.  This set out proposed changes to the Future Oxfordshire Partnership’s Terms of Reference and Memorandum of Understanding.  The changes were needed to reflect:

·       the government’s requirement that Oxfordshire County Council was responsible for the delivery of the remaining £30 million infrastructure funding;

·       the adoption of the strategic vision for Oxfordshire; and

·       the cessation of work on the Oxfordshire Plan 2050. 


In answer to questions from Cabinet members, the proposed changes did not remove or weaken any of the council’s planning powers.  The council still had sovereignty of its local plan decision-making. 


Cabinet supported the proposed changes as they clarified responsibilities.  Members noted that these changes would need approval from all six principal councils in Oxfordshire. 


RESOLVED: to approve the Future Oxfordshire Partnership’s revised Terms of Reference and Memorandum of Understanding, the revisions taking effect following approval by each of the six Oxfordshire councils.