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Customer transformation strategy - to review and approve the customer services transformation programme

20/12/2021 - Customer transformation strategy

Cabinet considered the head of corporate services’ report, which proposed a customer transformation strategy.  This complimented the council’s technology strategy but went further, to introduce a technology and digital strategy to support high quality and efficient service delivery. 


The intention was to make it easier for the customer to interact with the council.  To address this the strategy set out six core principles:

·      Re-imagined front doors – service engagement points that were easy to use, designed around residents and businesses and their needs, not the council’s organisational structure

·      “Once and done” or “right first time” – the right outcome achieved without repeat referrals and the need for the customer to chase, increasing the customer’s trust in the council  

·      Safeguarding – meet statutory obligations whilst never compromising the safety of the customer

·      Efficient and environmentally positive – deliver services in the most cost-effective way for the councils, whilst helping to tackle the climate emergency

·      Transparency – ensure that customers understood how the council delivers services

·      Accountability – take ownership of service fulfilment and ensure complaints and follow-up on commitments were dealt with quickly and properly


Cabinet recognised that adopting these principles and applying them to the way services were delivered would require significant change but would help residents.  Therefore, Cabinet approved the customer transformation strategy and its roadmap to ensure these principles were met. 




(a)       approve the customer transformation strategy and proposed roadmap for delivery;


(b)       appoint the Cabinet member for corporate services and transformation as the lead Cabinet member, and the deputy chief executive – transformation and operations as the executive sponsor, and to delegate further decisions on the initiation of the programme to the deputy chief executive – transformation and operations in discussion with the Cabinet member for corporate services and transformation.