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Risk Management Strategy

12/08/2009 - Risk Management Strategy

(Time: 5.02pm to 5.10pm)


The Executive received and considered report 34/09 of the Head of IT, HR and Customer Services which sought approval of a risk management strategy.  The strategy had been prepared jointly with South Oxfordshire District Council and had achieved support from its Audit and Corporate Governance Committee and its Cabinet.  The Vale’s Audit and Governance Committee had also supported the draft strategy. 


The Portfolio Holder reported that the strategy combined the best elements of the existing strategies of the two councils and he supported the recommendation for its adoption. 


Members noted that the strategy would help identify what could go wrong to allow the Council to manage risks to the delivery of the Council’s strategic objectives.  Risk management was implemented through eight risk champions, one for each service area.  They conducted assessments of risks in their areas and helped formulate strategies to manage risks.  The Executive welcomed the strategy. 




that the Risk Management Strategy be adopted.