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The Future Oxfordshire Partnership

Purpose of committee

The Future Oxfordshire Partnership (formerly the Oxfordshire Growth Board)[1] is a joint committee of the six councils of Oxfordshire together with key strategic partners. Following an extensive public review in 2020, the Partnership adopted a new purpose which is to:


·           Coordinate local efforts to manage economic, housing and infrastructure development in a way that is inclusive and maximises local social and environmental benefits;


·           Support the development of local planning policy that meets the UK Government’s stated aim of net zero carbon by 2050, and contributes towards biodiversity gain whilst embracing the changes needed for a low carbon world; and,


·           Seek to secure funding in the pursuit of these aims and oversee the delivery of related work programmes delegated to it by the Joint Committee’s constituent local authority members.

It does this by overseeing the delivery of projects that the councils of Oxfordshire are seeking to deliver collaboratively in the fields of economic development and strategic planning. This cooperation has helped Oxfordshire to secure over £500m of additional investment, such as through the City Deal, Housing and Growth Deal, Housing Infrastructure Fund and the Oxfordshire Rail Connectivity Study. The Partnership also has an important role in representing Oxfordshire on matters of regional interest.


The Partnership meets six times each year to discuss issues facing Oxfordshire’s future, most often in a non-decision-making capacity. It is supported by four Advisory Sub-Groups (Infrastructure, Environment, Housing and Oxfordshire Plan 2050), a Scrutiny Panel and a small team of officers who are tasked with delivering on elements of the Partnership’s work programme.

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Agendas and minutes of the Future Oxfordshire Partnership’s meetings from September 2021 can be found above.


To access agendas and minutes from the Oxfordshire Growth Board before September 2021 click here.



[1] The Oxfordshire Growth Board was renamed as the Future Oxfordshire Partnership in July 2021


Contact information

Support officer: Kevin Jacob, Future Oxfordshire Partnership Senior Democratic Services Officer. Email:

Phone: 07917088356


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