Committee details

Climate Emergency Advisory Committee

Purpose of committee

Purpose of the Climate Emergency Advisory Committee


1.         The committee is an advisory committee with no delegated decision making. 


2.         To advise Cabinet on matters relating to the climate emergency and environmental sustainability including, but not limited to:

(a)      Reviewing and making recommendations on ways in which the council can reduce damage to the global and local environment through its policies and practices.

(b)      Reviewing the internal operations of the council with a view to promoting sustainability, adopting best practice and strengthening the council’s environmental performance.

(c)       Providing community leadership on the climate emergency and sustainability, facilitating and engaging public sector partners, businesses, community groups and the public.

(d)      Advising on how the council can contribute to delivery of

-       national legally-binding targets on the climate emergency

-       countywide targets on the climate emergency through the Oxfordshire Environment Partnership

-       the council’s own targets on the climate emergency

-       the Oxfordshire Energy Strategy Delivery Plan

(e)      Making recommendations on bids for external funding relating to the climate emergency. 


Contact information

Support officer: Candida Mckelvey, Democratic Services Officer.

Phone: 07895 213820