Committee details

Joint Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

The Joint Scrutiny Committee comprises five councillors from South Oxfordshire District Council and five Councillors from Vale of White Horse District Council.


It can:


(a)           consider and make recommendations to the relevant Cabinet members on the assessment of the performance of contractors delivering joint contracts;

(b)           consider any matter within the terms of reference of the Scrutiny Committee affecting both councils’ areas or their inhabitants;

(c)           act as the crime and disorder committee of the council in accordance with the Crime and Disorder (Overview and Scrutiny) Regulations 2009; and

(d)           review and scrutinise the performance of the councils in relation to its policy objectives, performance targets and/or particular service areas.


The committee does not make decisions but makes recommendations to both council’s, Cabinet, Council and officers.


Attending a meeting

You can speak to the committee or ask questions about items on the agenda. To be allowed to speak, you must register with democratic services by 5pm on the last working day before the meeting. Please contact democratic services for more information before registering.


The public can watch a meeting online.


On occasion, the committee may consider items on the agenda without the public present. The agenda for the meeting will indicate if and when the public cannot observe the business.



Information on all of the council's committees and procedures are contained in the Constitution.



Contact information

Support officer: Democratic Services Officer. 07895 213820

Phone: 07895 213820