Agenda item

P21/V1643/HH - 7 Childrey Way, East Challow

Detached annex for family member in rear garden of No. 7 Childrey Way for ancillary use to the main house (amended certificate of ownership received 15 July 2021 and amended plan CHDR.P01E received on 22 November 2021).


The committee considered application P21/V1643/HH for a detached annexe for family member in rear garden of No. 7 Childrey Way for ancillary use to the main house (amended certificate of ownership received 15 July 2021 and amended plan CHDR.P01E received on 22 November 2021) at 7 Childrey Way, East Challow.


Consultations, representations, policy and guidance, and the site’s planning history were detailed in the officer’s report, which formed part of the agenda pack for the meeting.


The officer introduced the item and informed the committee that the existing property was a two-storey semi-detached dwelling, and the adjacent properties were one and a half storeys. The proposed annexe application had been amended to a proposed height of 2.6m high with a dual pitched roof 4.7m in height, with a length of 8.8m. The annexe would be situated in the rear garden of the main property and was an ancillary building to the main property. The officer confirmed that subject to conditions, the application was recommended for approval.


Councillor Paul Barrow, local ward member, detailed the position of East Challow Parish Council as the attending speaker was unable to participate in the meeting due to technical difficulties.


The committee sought clarification from the planning officer on whether the proposal was meant for a family member, and whether there were any subsequent legal considerations required. The planning officer explained that under Local Plan Policy DP04, the annexe as an ancillary structure, was required to fall under the criteria of forming a strong supporting relationship with the main property. The planning officer added that as the annexe had no kitchen and was contained in the curtilage of the main house, it would fall under the required criteria. In a follow-up question, the committee asked whether a condition was required to ensure any use of the property as a hotel or rentable short-break property would be prevented. The officer explained that this was not necessary, as a new planning application would be required if the applicants wanted to change the ancillary dwelling into a separate residential unit.


The committee also asked about the five parking spaces and whether these spaces were for public use or exclusively for use by the property’s occupants. The planning officer explained that the access road was not owned by the applicants. As a result, a condition was added that all parking spaces on the frontage would be kept, ensuring a minimum impact on facilities and to ensure that there were adequate spaces for both the property and the proposed annexe.


Two questions were raised on both whether objections from neighbours had been made, and whether a site visit had been considered. The officer explained that an objection from number six had been raised on the grounds of overshadowing, loss of privacy, adverse impact on residents, and being too imposing. The officer then clarified that a site visit was the committee’s prerogative, but the subsequent comments from the ward councillor to the amended application demonstrated that the issues had been addressed.


A motion moved and seconded, to grant planning permission was declared carried on being put to the vote.


RESOLVED: to grant planning permission for application P21/V1643/HH subject to the following conditions:


1.     Commencement of development within three years

2.     Approved plans list

Prior to commencement

3.     Surface water drainage scheme to be submitted


4.     Materials in accordance with application details

5.     Access, parking and turning details in accordance with approved plans

6.     Retention of existing car parking area

7.     Obscure glazing to north elevation window


Supporting documents: