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P20/V0855/O - Rogers Concrete, Sandshill, Faringdon

Outline planning application with all matters reserved (other than access into the site) for the proposed mixed-use development of up to 95 residential dwellings and business space (Use Classes B1 and B8) (totalling 1,500 sqm), open space, landscaping, drainage measures and all other associated works.


The committee considered application P20/V0855/O for outline planning application with all matters reserved (other than access into the site) for the proposed mixed use development of up to 95 residential dwellings and business space (Use Classes B1 and B8) (totalling 1,500 sqm), open space, landscaping, drainage measures and all other associated works.


Consultations, representations, policy and guidance, and the site’s planning history were detailed in the officer’s report, which formed part of the agenda pack for the meeting.


The planning officer explained the background to the current application, explaining that the committee originally considered the application on the 18th August 2021, but had deferred the application in order to receive further information that had been requested. Since the deferral, the applicant had amended their proposal to increase employment opportunity from increased commercial floor space. It was confirmed that the site would include fifteen percent of the site area as public open space. The planning officer also explained that the proposed link for public transport, cyclists, and private motor vehicles were deemed acceptable, and that the amended application would maximise viable commercial space on the site, with a mixed use scheme not undermining the sustainable provision of possible employment opportunities.


Dr Mike Wise, representative of Faringdon Town Council, spoke in objection to the application.


The committee asked Mr Wise whether he had a preference towards what pedestrian crossing the parish would prefer to be added to assist pedestrians using the A420. Mr Wise stated that the parish would be satisfied with any form of crossing added, as their view was that the current road was not safe for pedestrians, although of the options, a bridge or subway tunnel would be most preferable.


Sarah Allen-Stevens and Richard Anstis, local residents, spoke in objection to the application.


The speakers were asked by the committee what businesses would be operated if the site was owned as an eco-business park. Mrs Allen-Stevens confirmed it would not be logistical businesses but would likely focus manufacturing.


Tim Burden, the agent, spoke in support of the application.


David Grant, local ward member, spoke in objection to the application.


The committee raised a question on what conditions the local ward member would seek for the application to improve the safety concerns. Councillor Grant explained that for the bridleway crossing, there needed to be a safer designated crossing area. Councillor Grant also requested further clarification pedestrian and cycle links which would be added to other access areas. A further question was raised by the committee to the speaker on core policy 29 of the local plan, and the discussions that took place between the ward member and planning officers. Councillor Grant explained that the policy had not been well written and there had been a difference in interpretation of the policy between himself and officers. Councillor Grant explained that they had not reached an agreement on the interpretation of the wording of the policy.


In response to a question from the committee on the history of the site and its place within the Local Plan, the planning officer explained that the site was allocated in part 1 of the Local Plan which was adopted in December 2016, and so the evidence base for the employment land review and local plan review would have taken place prior to 2016 before the adoption of the local plan.


The committee asked a question surrounding the availability of other employment space on the land within the application site. The planning officer confirmed that some of the land would be retained and would be available for future development. Additionally, in response to a question surrounding Thames Water’s statement that the site could not be connected to the grid, and would require its own foul water maintenance, the planning officer confirmed that the planning conditions would be sufficient for handling independent management of these utilities as an isolated activity.


The committee asked a question on the provision of a crossing on the A420.  Officers advised such a facility was not necessary to meet the needs of the development and could not be secured, as third-party land outside the applicant’s control would be required.


A motion moved and seconded, to grant planning permission was declared carried on being put to the vote.


RESOLVED: to grant planning permission for application P20/V0855/O, subject to the following conditions;


Reserved matters and timings

1.     Commencement – Outline Planning Permission

2.     Commencement – Outline with Reserved Matters

3.     Approved plans

4.     Maximum number of dwellings (no more than 95)

5.     Quantum of employment floor space to be 1,500sqm

6.     Employment use restricted to Class B1/B8 use only


Concurrent with the submission of the reserved matters

7.     Biodiversity Enhancement Plan

8.     Landscaping (S38 and S278 works)

9.     Landscaping management

10. Landscaping – details

11. Market mix

12. Space Standards

13. Foul water network capacity

14. Water supply network capacity



15. Slab levels

16. Construction environmental management plan for Biodiversity

17. Contaminated Land

18. Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP)

19. Tree Protection (Detailed)

20. Surface water drainage

21. Foul water drainage

22. Environmental Agency Condition – Contaminated land remediation strategy

23. Community Employment Plan

24. Piling method statement



25. Noise Mitigation

26. Environmental Agency Condition – Contaminated land verification report

27. Environmental Agency Condition – SuDS Infiltration of surface water into ground

28. Visibility splays

29. Travel Plan

30. Car parking spaces, turning spaces and roads

31. Cycle parking



1.     Contaminated Land Informative

2.     Highway Informatives

3.     Superfast broadband – 30 plus dwellings

4.     Illustrative Drawings

5.     Planning Obligation



Supporting documents: