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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.


Information about Cabinet

The Cabinet reports to the Council.  

Ex-officio councillor rules do not apply.

The Chair of the Cabinet is the Leader of the Council.


Terms of Reference


(1)      The Cabinet will carry out all of the Local Authority’s functions which are not the responsibility of any other part of the Local Authority, whether by law or under the Constitution.

(2)      Once a budget or policy framework has been put in place, the Cabinet will be responsible to implement it.

(3)      Any function under a Local Act other than a function specified or referred to in Regulation 2 or Schedule 1 (of the Constitution).

(4)      Obtaining the particulars of persons interested in land under Section 16 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976.

(5)      Appointment of any individual to any body other than the Authority, a joint committee of two or more authorities, or to any committee/sub-committee of such a body, and the revocation of that appointment.