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Strategic vision for Oxfordshire - to adopt the strategic vision

Meeting: 09/04/2021 - Cabinet (Item 102)

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To consider the report of the acting deputy chief executive – partnerships. 

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Cabinet considered the report of the acting deputy chief executive – partnerships.  This set out a strategic vision for Oxfordshire. 


Cabinet recalled that in December 2020 it had received a report detailing the Oxfordshire Growth Board’s ambition to develop a strategic vision for Oxfordshire.  This provided an overarching framework for the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 but also provided a wider remit and served as an overarching ‘umbrella’ under which both the Growth Board and its partners could develop the future plans and strategies. 


Consultation on the draft strategic vision took place in December 2020.  Overall, the results of the consultation were supportive.  The vision had been developed further, following the public consultation exercise.  The overall balance of the document remained unaltered, but it now highlighted the importance of the need to address inequalities, the role of Oxfordshire and its place as a national and international centre of excellence.  Issues such as the need for inclusive growth had also been strengthened and changes had been made to make the document more Oxfordshire specific, such as references to the rural landscape, the countryside, and the importance of the rural economy.  The Growth Board had also commissioned consultants to reflect upon the draft vision and offer informal sustainability advice, specifically whether the vision was consistent, both within the document and when compared to the Oxfordshire Plan 2050, and whether there were any gaps in the sustainability issues identified.  This commission had been completed and changes had been made to the final version of the vision, as appended to the report before Cabinet. 


Cabinet noted that there had been a positive shift in emphasis in the Growth Bard.  For example, this strategic vision had been improved.  Cabinet believed that communications could be improved further with a one-page summary, as the current document was too long.  Cabinet supported the general approach of the vision.  However, measuring progress and setting delivery targets was key. 


The consultation feedback from young people had been encouraging.  The environment and sustainability were the big issues they identified.  Cabinet considered that the method used to reach younger people should be replicated in future consultations conducted by the council. 




(a)      agree the Strategic Vision for Oxfordshire; and


(b)      ask that officers consider how to embed the Vision’s ambitions for Oxfordshire in future plans and strategies of the council.