Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Wessex leisure facility - to approve the final facility mix14/07/2017For Determination10/2017
Wessex leisure facility - to approve the consultation material14/07/2017For Determination08/2017
Housing strategy - to adopt the strategy14/07/2017For Determination06/10/2017
Restructuring - to recommend to council on a revised structure. (This is likely to an exempt decision as it relates to individual roles and the financial or business affairs of any person, including the authority.)14/07/2017For Determination11/10/2017
Local Plan Part 2 - to recommend Council to approve Part 2 for submission to the Secretary of State for adoption20/06/2017For Determination27/09/2017
Local development order at Didcot - to recommend Council to confirm the order20/06/2017For Determination11/10/2017
Local development order at Didcot - to approve the draft order for consultation20/06/2017For Determination07/2017
Community grants - to award any community grants or New Homes Bonus grants over £25,000 through the area committees17/05/2017For Determination24/07/2017
Didcot Garden Town delivery plan - to consider consultation responses before approving a plan10/03/2017For Determination06/10/2017
Housing strategy - to approve the draft strategy for consultation10/03/2017For DeterminationNot before 27/07/2017
Roundabout sponsorship - to consider a policy to introduce roundabout sponsorship03/03/2017For Determination06/10/2017
Engineering services - to agree arrangements for the provision of engineering services10/02/2017For Determination07/2017
Charter car park, Abingdon - to refurbish the car park16/12/2016For Determination06/10/2017
Coleshill closed churchyard - to approve the maintenance work02/12/2016For Determination07/2017
Corporate delivery plan - to approve the plan17/11/2016For Determination04/08/2017
Great Western Park, Didcot - to approve final arrangements for the maintenance of open space14/10/2016For Determination07/2017
Standing item: Neighbourhood planning - to determine any matters relating to neighbourhood plans05/08/2016For Determination07/2017
Corporate services – to review implementation of contract and any contractual changes required. (This is likely to be an exempt decision as it relates to the financial or business affairs of any person (including the authority)20/06/2016For Determination04/08/2017
Temporary housing accommodation - to approve a temporary accommodation strategy and recommend Council to allocate capital funds04/03/2016For Determination11/10/2017
Wessex leisure facility - to agree the final facility mix21/12/2015For Determination09/2017
Standing item: Property decisions - to approve any property sales or purchases or take any property management decisions - This is likely to be an exempt decision due to the confidential nature of property negotiations with third parties (Category 3)09/10/2013For Determination07/2017