Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Housing and growth deal for Oxfordshire - to approve the scope of the joint statutory spatial plan15/02/2018For Determination06/2018
Housing and growth deal for Oxfordshire - to approve a statement of common ground and a memorandum of understanding02/02/2018For Determination03/2018
Partnership grants - to determine the award of partnership grants02/02/2018For Determination03/2018
Grants - to award community grants or new homes bonus grants through the area committees02/02/2018For Determination13/03/2018
Abbey Meadows, Abingdon - to appoint a contractor to refurbish the public conveniences02/02/2018For Determination04/2018
Housing allocations policy - to approve a revised draft policy for consultation02/02/2018For Determination06/2018
Transport planning resource - to appoint a contractor15/12/2017For Determination02/2018
Preparations for the Homelessness Reduction Act01/12/2017For Determination02/2018
Standing item: to create a budget and release section 106 funds10/11/2017For Determination02/2018
Engineering services - to appoint a contractor for sewage works maintenance26/10/2017For Determination02/2018
Inter-authority agreement - to recommend Council to agree arrangements12/10/2017For Determination16/05/2018
Didcot Garden Town and Enterprise Zones - allocation of government grant awards15/09/2017For Determination03/2018
Local development order at Didcot - to recommend Council to confirm the order20/06/2017For Determination07/2018
Environmental enhancements - to consider proposed enhancements03/03/2017For Determination06/04/2018
Charter car park, Abingdon - to refurbish the car park16/12/2016For Determination06/04/2018
Great Western Park, Didcot - to approve final arrangements for the maintenance of open space14/10/2016For Determination04/2018
Standing item: Neighbourhood planning - to determine any matters relating to neighbourhood plans05/08/2016For Determination02/2018
Standing item: Property decisions - to approve any property sales or purchases or take any property management decisions - This is likely to be an exempt decision due to the confidential nature of property negotiations with third parties (Category 3)09/10/2013For Determination02/2018