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Car parks fees and charges - to consider the outcome of statutory consultation on the revised car park order including any necessary consultation with South Oxfordshire District Council regarding the arrangements at Rye Farm

Meeting: 05/02/2021 - Cabinet (Item 80)

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To consider the head of housing and environment’s report. 

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Cabinet considered the head of housing and environment’s report on the consultation results of the draft car park orders. 


The consultation results revealed that all aspects of the 2021 car park orders Nos.1 and 2 were supported, apart from the Road Haulage Association’s objection to the proposed removal of the lorry park at Rye Farm car park, Abingdon.  Some members of the public had also expressed concern at the proposed phasing out of the residents parking permits and bringing them in line with the cost of general parking permits. 


Cabinet supported the removal of the lorry park at Rye Farm car park in Abingdon.  Most vehicles parking there turned off the A34 and drove through the town centre to reach the lorry park.  This added to pollution in the town centre.  Cabinet considered that this was an inappropriate location for a lorry park now that the lorry park facilities at the A34 Milton interchange had been improved. 


Cabinet looked at options for increasing residents’ parking permits.  One option was to increase the residents’ permits over the next three years to 75 per cent of the cost of a standard parking permit.  The other option was to increase the cost more gradually, by 10 per cent each year.  Cabinet concluded that a more gradual increase would provide a better balance, allowing residents to plan ahead for increases.  This was a fairer way to move towards residents’ permits and standard permits being brought into line.    




(a)       note the comments received on the Vale of White Horse District Council proposed car parking orders 2021 (No. 1 and No. 2) and make the amendments set out in the head of housing and environment’s report to Cabinet on 5 February 2021;


(b)       approve option B set out in that report to increase the cost of residents’ parking permits by 10 per cent per year over the next three years (for existing holders only); and


(c)       authorise the head of legal and democratic services to make the new orders No.1 and No.2 and to determine the date they will come into effect.