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We the undersigned petition the council to ensure it carries out robust and adequately resourced investigations into complaints of noise nuisance arising from the commercial use of Abingdon Airfield, complies in full with the Council’s Nuisance Complaint Investigation Procedure EPV NUS01 dated April 2022, and take enforcement action to abate the noise nuisance as per the legislation

Local residents have been suffering commercially driven noise nuisance from Abingdon Airfield, resulting in a detrimental impact on our lives, including waking up from the motor racing noise, not able to use the garden in peace, having to go away for the weekend to have peace, not having friends over, turning up the TV to hear what is being said clearly, wearing ear-plugs, wanting to move home, suffering from stress, anxiety, and having our local environment polluted from the noise which can last for days, leading to misery

On reaching 9 signatures An officer will investigate the matter further

This ePetition ran from 25/09/2023 to 13/11/2023 and has now finished.

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