Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Budget monitoring - to consider the budget monitoring report for the period April to August 202218/11/2022For Determination20/12/2022
Capital strategy - to recommend Council to adopt the strategy18/11/2022Recommmend Forward to Council15/02/2023
Treasury strategy - to recommend Council to approve the strategy18/11/2022For Determination15/02/2023
Treasury mid-year monitoring 2022/23 - to recommend Council to note the report18/11/2022For Determination15/02/2023
Corporate Plan and Climate Action Plan performance reports - quarter 2, 2022/2318/11/2022For Determination02/12/2022
Faringdon Leisure Centre - to award a contract to replace the pool filter18/11/2022For Determination16/12/2022
Planning Enforcement Statement - to approve the revised statement14/10/2022For Determination10/03/2023
Pebble Hill Mobile Home Park, Radley - to approve a project for the development of additional berths, apply for planning permission, and award a works contract14/10/2022For Determination04/2023
Milton Park Local Development Order - to recommend Council to adopt a new order03/10/2022Recommmend Forward to Council15/02/2023
Invoice automation solution14/09/2022For Determination02/2023
White Horse Community Lottery – to approve options for the central fund distribution01/08/2022Recommmend Forward to Council03/02/2023
Play areas - to provide a maintenance service for existing play areas15/07/2022For Determination12/08/2022
Council tax base - to recommend the council tax base to Council15/07/2022Recommmend Forward to Council07/12/2022
Car parks management contract - to approve a contract variation18/08/2021For Determination11/2022
Standing item: Recommendations from other committees - to consider and determine action on any recommendations from other committees13/07/2021For Determination10/11/2023
Sparsholt Sewage Treatment Works - to replace the existing plant13/06/2019For Determination11/07/2019
Standing item: Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy funds - to create a budget and release funds10/11/2017For Determination10/2023
Standing item: Property decisions - to approve any property sales or purchases or take any property management decisions09/10/2013For Determination10/2023