Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Future joint scrutiny items to be confirmed11/09/2023For Determination26/02/2024
Annual report: communications and engagement11/09/2023For Determination02/11/2023
Corporate Plan 2024 - 2028 approach29/08/2023For Determination02/11/2023
Planning enforcement - performance update01/08/2023For Determination02/11/2023
GLL (leisure centres) performance report 2022-2320/07/2023For Determination21/09/2023
Budget setting20/07/2023For Determination05/02/2024
Financial outturn report20/07/2023For Determination02/11/2023
Leasing of vehicles for grounds maintenance20/07/2023For DeterminationNot before 01/02/2024 update report in 2024 after call-in of decision in July 2023
Planning transformation20/07/2023For Determination
Joint Local Plan Regulation 18 Part 2 - to approve preferred options for consultation05/07/2023For Determination27/11/2023
Corporate plan quarterly performance report10/02/2023For Determination standing item
Saba car park annual performance report07/12/2022For Determination21/09/2023
Community Safety Partnership annual report07/12/2022For Determination27/11/2023
Biffa annual contract performance07/12/2022For Determination27/11/2023