Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
IT solution for licensing services17/05/2022For Determination06/2022
5-year housing land supply04/05/2022For Determination25/07/2022
Section 106 funding - Wetlands habitat creation at Grove and Garford - to approve the funding request04/05/2022For Determination
Corporate plan performance monitoring report Quarter 4, 2021/22 - to review performance04/05/2022For Determination22/07/2022
Quarter 4 corporate plan performance report27/04/2022For Determination28/06/2022
Joint Local Plan - Issues Consultation13/04/2022For Determination20/06/2022
Active Communities Strategy13/04/2022For Determination28/06/2022
A34 diversion routes13/04/2022For Determination
Active communities strategy - to approve the strategy01/04/2022For Determination22/07/2022
Diversity and inclusion strategy and engagement plan - to approve the strategy and plan17/03/2022For Determination30/09/2022
Discretionary fuel payments scheme - to approve the scheme17/03/2022For Determination05/2022
Great Coxwell conservation area appraisal - to adopt the revised boundary and conservation area appraisal for Great Coxwell17/03/2022For Determination22/07/2022
Didcot Garden Town - to accept the award of government funding and agree key priorities02/03/2022For Determination24/06/2022
South and Vale Community Safety Partnership performance 2021-2211/03/2022For Determination07/11/2022 date to be agreed
Joint draft diversity and inclusion strategy and engagement plan11/03/2022For Determination19/09/2022 date to be agreed
Saba parking contract performance 2021-2211/03/2022For Determination19/09/2022 date to be agreed
Biffa annual performance report 2021/2211/03/2022For Determination19/09/2022 date to be agreed
Joint design guide01/03/2022For Determination20/06/2022
IT solution for housing and homelessness services - to procure the IT solution and authorise the award of the contract25/02/2022For Determination05/2022
Customer relations management - to use the approved funds to procure a solution14/01/2022For Determination05/2022
Partnership arrangements - Integrated Care System16/11/2021For Determination
The Beacon future use16/11/2021For Determination
Didcot Growth Accelerator Enterprise Zone (EZ2) - to update the Memorandum of Understanding for the retention and distribution of business rates growth income15/10/2021For Determination30/09/2022
Design guide - to approve the joint design guide29/09/2021For Determination24/06/2022
Future waste services06/09/2021For Determination
Covid leisure support package update06/09/2021For Determination28/06/2022
Car parks management contract - to approve a contract variation. This is likely to be an exempt decision under Category 3 - information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that inf18/08/2021For Determination05/2022
Car park order and policy - to approve changes to the car park order and car parking policy13/08/2021For Determination24/06/2022
CCTV in Abingdon and Wantage - to approve the procurement of digital cameras and cabling06/08/2021For Determination05/2022
Civil parking enforcement - to appoint an outside body representative to PATROL, the civil parking regulator26/07/2021For Determination05/2022
Standing item: Recommendations from other committees - to consider and determine action on any recommendations from other committees13/07/2021For Determination24/06/2022
Grounds maintenance and public toilet cleaning services - to provide vehicles for this service15/06/2021For Determination07/2022
Revised Milton Park Local Development Order - to approve the draft order for statutory consultation15/06/2021For Determination22/07/2022
Flooding - partnership roles and responsibilities08/03/2021For Determination including an update from the Joint sewerage and pollution review task and finish group
Future Oxfordshire Partnership23/11/2020For Determination
New energy contracts for properties and sites managed by Vale - to authorise the contract. This decision is likely to be considered in exempt session under Category 3 (information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular perso19/10/2020For Determination05/2022
GLL annual performance review 2019/20 & 2020/2121/08/2020For Determination20/06/2022
Public consultations16/03/2020For Determination
Didcot Garden Town - project update16/03/2020For Determination25/07/2022
Flood and water management agreement - to recommend Council to approve the agency agreement and charges with Oxfordshire County Council24/12/2019For Determination12/10/2022
Joint Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)20/11/2019For Determination
Central Abingdon Regeneration Framework (CARF)20/11/2019For DeterminationBetween 01/07/2022 and 30/09/2022
Sparsholt Sewage Treatment Works - to replace the existing plant13/06/2019For Determination05/2022
Stairlift contract - to award a contract to provide stairlifts funded by the Disabled Facilities Grant01/03/2019For Determination05/2022
Standing item: section 106 funds - to create a budget and release funds10/11/2017For Determination05/2022
Standing item: Property decisions - to approve any property sales or purchases or take any property management decisions - This is likely to be an exempt decision under Category 3 (information relating to the financial or business affairs of any part09/10/2013For Determination05/2022