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Internal audit activity first quarter 2010/11

Meeting: 30/06/2010 - Audit and Governance Committee (Item 8)

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To consider report 15/10 of the Head of Finance. 


The Committee considered report 15/10 of the Head of Finance.  It summarised the outcome of recent internal audit activity. 


Appended to the report was one audit report on how the council managed creditor payments in 2009/10.  Internal audit awarded a limited assurance rating only.  The Committee noted that the actions outstanding from the last audit were complete and monitored monthly.  The audit had highlighted a problem with aged-debt.  However, the results showed an exaggerated debt due to the audit being undertaken the week the precepts were being paid to parish councils, making the debt abnormally high. 


In answer to a question from a councillor, the audit reports with a satisfactory or full assurance rating would be available to the committee on the council’s website.  The officers would notify councillors by email when the reports were available and would provide a link to the relevant webpage.  All councillors were encouraged to access the council’s intranet. 




To note the report.