Scrutiny work programme

15 January 2024











Joint Scrutiny Committee 29 Jan 2024


Garden waste permit approach




Sue Cooper and Andrea Powell

Mark Minion




Scrutiny Committee 6 Feb 2024


Budget setting




Pieter-Paul Barker


Simon Hewings



Scrutiny Committee 6 Feb 2024






Pieter-Paul Barker and Maggie Filipova-Rivers


Andrew Busby



Scrutiny Committee 6 Feb 2024


Corporate Plan 2024 - 2028 approach




Andrea Powell


Tim Oruye



Scrutiny Committee 13 May 2024


Corporate plan quarterly performance report


When quarterly performance management reports are reported to Cabinet, Scrutiny Committee members will be asked to review the report and confirm to the Scrutiny Chair if there are any elements of the report they wish to discuss at the next Scrutiny Committee meeting.  The relevant Cabinet lead and contact officer will be notified. 


Andrea Powell


Tim Oruye



Joint Scrutiny Committee 20 May 2024


Didcot Garden Town strategies


Scrutiny will review a report that  will update on the DGT Delivery Plan and seek specific approvals from Cabinet for relevant strategies or plans

Robin Bennett


Jayne Bolton



Joint Scrutiny Committee 20 May 2024


Transformation programme update




Andrea Powell


Tim Oruye




Items for future meetings (dates to be determined)




Joint Scrutiny Committee 25 Mar 2024


Future items for Joint Scrutiny to be confirmed