Northcourt Lodge 106 Oxford Road Abingdon Oxfordshire, OX14 2AG






Removal of fence at side of property dividing front and rear gardens. Erection of new dividing fence in new position nearer the front of the house.



Cheryl Briggs

Helen Pighills

Oliver Forder

Andy Foulsham



Helen Pighills



Josh Sharp






To grant planning permission, subject to the following conditions:




1.  Commencement of development within three years

2.  List of approved plans



3.  Materials in accordance with application details  






This application has been referred to planning committee because the applicant is a Councillor of the Vale of White Horse District Council.  




Northcourt Lodge is a large, detached dwelling situated in the north of Abingdon. It occupies a corner plot location at the junction of Northcourt Road and Oxford Road. Neighbouring properties are situated to the north and west. Highway access is gained via an off-street driveway from Northcourt Road to the south.




The application seeks planning permission to remove a section of fence within the curtilage of the property which separated the front driveway and rear garden, to increase the useable private amenity space available to the dwelling.




A site location plan is provided over the page, and the application plans are attached at Appendix 1.
































This a summary of responses received from consultees and third parties to the application. The full responses can be viewed on the council website:




Abingdon Town Council

None received


Vale Highways Liaison Officer


None received

SGN Plant Protection Team

Standard safe digging standing advice informative recommended


Neighbour comments

No neighbour comments received








P88/V2502 - Approved (13/03/1989)

Erection of 2 detached dwellings. Demolish existing garage and studio. Plot A 0.04 ha, Plot B 0.03 ha.



Pre-application History

P20/V2727/PD - Advice provided – planning permission required (19/11/2020)

Replace fence that separates front and rear garden (at side of house) and reposition nearer to front of house.  New fence to be the same height as existing and within the curtilage of the property.



Screening Opinion requests







The scale of the proposal is below the relevant thresholds and the locality has no recognised specific environmental sensitivity. The proposal is not EIA development.






The relevant planning considerations are the following:

·         Design and character

·         Residential amenity

·         Access and parking



Design and character

Policy CP37 of the adopted Local Plan 2031 Part 1 (LPP1) requires new development to be of a high-quality design that is visually attractive, and the scale, height, massing and details are appropriate for the site and surrounding area. The Council’s Joint Design Guide 2022 is an adopted Supplementary Planning Document to the Local Plan and provides guidance on how to deliver high quality development in the District.



The existing fence, separating the front and rear curtilage of Northcourt Lodge, measures 2 metres in total height, constructed using 1.8m timber panels and concrete support posts topped with a 20cm trellis. The fence is built from the east elevation of the dwelling up to the site boundary adjacent to the highway to the east.



The replacement fence is to be situated at the same orientation, running west-east, situated 4m to the south compared to its existing position on the site.  The replacement fence will be built up to an existing brick gate pier, set in from the boundary by 0.4m. The fence will measure 6.7m in length between the house and the gate pier. The fence will be solid timber boarding with concrete posts. The fence will measure 2m in total height.



Planning permission is required because condition 5 of planning permission 88/02502/FUL, for the subdivision of the plot and the erection of two additional dwellings (those now to the north and west of the site), requires that the parking spaces remaining on site are kept free of obstruction to that use without the granting of planning permission. The proposed repositioning of the fence would project into part of the existing parking area for Northcourt Lodge. Furthermore,


the fence would exceed 1m in height, adjacent to the highway, which is not compliant with Class B of Part 2 of the GPDO 2015 (as amended).



Officers consider that the fence will appear as a typical boundary treatment in a domestic property in this residential area. The fence will be of the same height to the existing fence and would be constructed from close boarded fence panels with a timber cap rail and concrete posts. The fence will be set off the curtilage boundary by 0.4m, compared to the existing fence. It will appear less prominent when viewed from the public realm. The proposed fence would not harm the character and appearance of the area. The proposal is compliant with Policy CP37 and is considered to be acceptable in design terms.



Residential amenity

The impact of development on neighbouring properties is covered by policy DP23 of the Local Plan. This policy requires development proposals to demonstrate that they will not result in significant adverse impacts on the amenity of neighbouring uses arising through loss of privacy, daylight or sunlight, from dominance or visual intrusion, noise or vibration, dust, heat, odour, gases or other emissions, pollution, contamination or the use of / or storage of hazardous substances and external lighting



The replacement fence will not be built along any boundary or within close proximity to any of the neighbouring properties. It is of a standard height for a residential area which would not result in any dominance. The proposal is compliant with Policy DP23 and is considered to be acceptable in terms of impact to residential amenity.



Access and parking

Local Plan Policies CP35, CP37 and DP16 require development to provide safe and convenient access, sufficient car and cycle parking in line with Oxfordshire County Council standards and adequate provision for loading, unloading, circulation, servicing and vehicle turning.



The proposal would have no impact on access to the site. In accordance with Oxfordshire County Council Parking Standards 2022, a 3+ bedroom property in the town of Abingdon requires at least 2 off-street parking spaces on site.



As above, the planning permission issued when the larger plot was subdivided in 1989 required the areas for parking provision to be kept free of obstruction to any such use. The repositioning of the fence would slightly encroach upon that area shown in 1988. However, following a site visit and as measured on the submitted plans, there remains sufficient space on site to still accommodate 2 off street parking spaces in accordance with the up-to-date parking standards. A further condition to retain the residual parking area is considered to be unnecessary, as the condition remains is in place on site as a result of previous planning permission 88/02502/FUL.



Officers note that Oxfordshire County Council as highways authority have not responded to the consultation. They are not a statutory consultee in this instance and Officers have assessed the revised position of the fence in relation to the parking provision available on site and this is satisfactory in line with the adopted County Council Parking Standards.



Therefore, proposal is compliant with Policies CP35, CP37 and DP16 and is considered to be acceptable in highway safety terms.



Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

No new residential floorspace is being created. Therefore, the application is not CIL liable.






The fence will appear as a typical boundary treatment within the curtilage of domestic property. It will not harm the visual amenity of the area, highway safety or neighbour amenity. Officers consider that the proposal is in accordance with the adopted Local Plan 2031 Part 1 and Part 2, the National Planning Policy Framework and the South and Vale Joint Design Guide 2022. Therefore, on this basis, Officers recommend the application for approval. 




The following planning policies have been taken into account:



Vale of White Horse Local Plan 2031 Part 1 policies

CP35 - Promoting Public Transport, Cycling and Walking

CP37 - Design and Local Distinctiveness



Vale of White Horse Local Plan 2031 Part 2 policies

DP16 - Access

DP23 - Impact of Development on Amenity



Neighbourhood Plan

Abingdon does not currently have a made neighbourhood plan



National Planning Policy Framework and National Planning Practice Guidance



Supplementary Planning Documents

South and Vale Joint Design Guide 2022 (SVJDG 2022)



Other relevant legislation


Equalities Act 2010

The proposal has been assessed against section 149 of the Equalities Act. It is considered that no identified group will suffer discrimination as a result of this proposal


Human Rights Act, 1998

The application has been assessed against Schedule 1, Part 1, Article 8, and against Schedule 1, Part 2, Article 1 of the Human Rights Act, 1998. The harm to individuals has been balanced against the public interest and the officer recommendation is considered to be proportionate.


Author: Josh Sharp

Contact No: 01235 422600