Oxfordshire Place-base Partnership: Update November 2022

1.0  Introduction


Figure 1: BOB ICS in numbers


Major changes are taking place in the way we organise health and care in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West (BOB) promoting greater cooperation between organisations.


So far, we have focussed on structures at Integrated Care System (ICS) level including merging 3 CCGs, establishing the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) and Integrated Care Board (ICB) and developing our ICP strategy. Our ICS brings the benefits of working at scale to tackle major strategic issues while place-based partnerships driven by collaborations between commissioners and providers are better suited to delivering joined-up care to meet distinctive needs of local populations.


This paper provides a brief update about the development of our Oxfordshire Place-based Partnership.


2.0 Oxfordshire Place-based Partnership


In October the ICB appointed Daniel Leveson as Place Director for Oxfordshire. He is responsible for convening leaders from across the health and care system to develop a thriving partnership. Our aim is to create a partnership and conditions that enable the ICB to delegate some of its functions and budgets to place.


We will accelerate the integration of services for priority populations who will benefit most from joined-up care. We will lead the development of new models of better value care and establish new contracting approaches focussed on provider collaboratives with appropriate transparency, risk and gain shares. We will reduce health inequalities and create a sustainable system (in terms of costs and carbon).


We agreed the following leadership for the partnership:



Job Title


Daniel Leveson

Place Director


Stephen Chandler

Chief Executive

Oxfordshire County Council

Mark Stone

Chief Executive

Rep for City and District Councils

Dr Nick Broughton

Chief Executive

Oxford Health NHS FT

Professor Meghana Pandit

Chief Executive

Oxford University Hospitals NHS FT

Ansaf Azhar

Director of Public Health

Oxfordshire County Council

Rosalind Pearce

Executive Director


Laura Price

Chief Executive

Oxfordshire Community & Voluntary Action

Dr Mark Gray

GP Lead

North PCNs

Dr Michelle Brennan

GP Lead

South PCNs

Dr Joe McManners

GP Lead

City PCNs

Figure 2: Oxfordshire Place-based Partnership leadership


3.0 Our Approach to Partnership Working


Good relationships are the foundation of successful partnerships. Developing these relationships requires time and effort. We are spending time together to understand each other, the groups we represent and value our differences.


As a leadership team we are creating a clear, shared vision and set of priorities and plans that we can share and receive feedback on. We are setting the tone for our system by being collaborative, inclusive, compassionate and people focussed.


We are looking through a lens of inequality and aim to improve outcomes for minority groups and people living in the deprived areas of Oxfordshire. We will integrate services for populations that will benefit the most from more joined-up care.  


Oxfordshire Health and Wellbeing Strategy is at the core of our plans. Our governance and structures will evolve with our partnership and build on what we have, reduce duplication and enable effective decision-making.


4.0 Developing our Partnership


Based on learning and experiences from other place-based partnerships we have developed a maturity matrix and associated success criteria. We are using this as a self-assessment for to measure our partnership, where we are now and monitor our progress. It will also help us evaluate our readiness for ICB delegation.


Figure 3: Place-based Partnership Maturity Matrix


We have secured support from a System Leadership and ICS Develop Programme provided by the Local Government Association, NHS Providers and NHS Confederation. Two experienced former Local Authority and NHS leaders will facilitate a series of development sessions. During November they are conducting 17 individual interviews with system leaders to gather their views on our partnership.


In December we will have our first development session altogether. The afternoon will focus on sharing insights from interviews and surveys, learning about each other’s organisations and establishing our common purpose and priorities. There will be further development sessions in the new year.


5.0 Emerging Priorities


Traditionally we have organised care in service or specialty siloes. We have measured and rewarded compliance with processes and paid predominantly based on volumes of care delivered. We have also encouraged greater competition for small, specified contracts. In some instances, this has led to fragmented care.


As we develop our system we will increasingly focus on groups of populations with similar needs. These population groups will be people and families who will benefit most from receiving more joined-up care. We will focus more on the contribution of our combined efforts to achieving the best outcomes people.


As we align our plans with the emerging ICP strategy and our own Health and Wellbeing Strategy we are likely to consider the following priority populations:


·         Children and Young People including school readiness, CAMHS, LD and neurodiversity.

·         Working Age Adults Mental Health and Wellbeing Including the Oxfordshire Mental Health Partnership, LD and neurodiversity.

·         People with Urgent Care Needs including children, adults and older adults with multiple illnesses and frailty.

·         Health Inequalities and Prevention including healthy lifestyles, wider determinants of health and major employers.


The Partnership will also assume responsibility for oversight of certain areas being led at ICS such as planned care and cancer care and quality and performance in Oxfordshire.


6.0 Timeline and Next Steps


Figure 4: Overview of ICS and Place Development Timeline


·         November 17 1-to-1 interviews with system leaders and stakeholders.

·         November to January 2023 ICP Strategy engagement process.

·         December Oxfordshire Place-based Partnership Development Day.

·         January 2023 Oxfordshire Place-based Partnership Development Day follow-up.

·         February 2023 ICP Strategy approved.

·         March 2023 ICB five-year forward plan and 2-year operating plan approved.

·         April 2023 Oxfordshire Place-based Partnership operational.




Daniel Leveson

Oxfordshire Place Director

18 November 2022