Parishes Affected

Grove, East Challow


Matter to be considered

Amending the boundary of Grove parish to include Grove Business Park, currently in East Challow parish.


Impact on district and county council boundaries


Affects Grove North and Ridgeway district wards


Affects Grove and Wantage and Shrivenham county divisions


Proposal agreed by the Community Governance and Electoral Issues Committee on 26 May 2022 for consultation

To consult on a proposal not to include Grove Business Park within Grove parish.


Summary of responses to the draft proposal consultation

These are set out in the engagement summary document.


East Challow Parish Council supports the committee’s draft proposal. As do the county councillor and district councillor for the Ridgeway ward.



To make no change to the parish boundary between East Challow and Grove parishes.


Justification for final recommendation

In accordance with the assessment criterion that boundaries be aligned with defining natural or structural features, alignment of the parish boundary with Downsview Road provides a good man-made structure.  A boundary fence, whilst effective in its current position, is not a permanent structure.


The proposal to include the technology park within Grove parish does not impact on any properties and therefore does not impact community identity.