Appendix 2

Corporate Plan and Climate Action Plan Supporting Document

The Oxfordshire Food Strategy supports the following key priorities and aims in the Corporate Plan and Climate Action Plan.


Corporate Plan

a.    PHPN2.5: Develop a land use strategy to inform and guide OxPlan2050 and Vale Local Plan with proposed need for housing, retail, employment, leisure, open spaces – measures around land for growing and a number of other propositions.

b.    PHPN2.7: Update Vale’s Local Plan and OxPlan2050 with modern environmental policies in support of government's and Vale's goals.

c.    TCE1.2: Complete the CEAC Year One Climate Action Plan and plan for future years – measures relating to food for the planet.

d.    TCE1.3: Include in Councils Open Space Strategy opportunities to increase biodiversity, increase tree cover, and (other things we want to do on Council's open spaces) – measures to improve biodiversity through better agricultural practices and measures to encourage community food growing.

e.    TCE2.3: Introduce sustainable growth and environmental policies to our Local Plan.

f.     TCE3.7: Take an active role in the Growth Deal and the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 to influence the inclusion of sustainable growth and environmental policies – engagement with the county wide Strategy.

g.    BHC1.3: Maintain and develop the council’s Community Enablement function to respond to changing needs because of Covid-19 – measures to support local food networks and support access to food.

h.    BHC2.4: Identify council-owned land for community gardening and allotments projects.

i.      WIP1.4: Work with businesses to undertake economic development review to ensure that council is providing support to SMEs, homebased businesses, supporting skills development, and ensuring that businesses are playing a role in place making – measures to support local food businesses including in infrastructure and skills.

j.      WIOI2.3: Work with communities, schools and other local organisations on shared campaigns and initiatives that help further our corporate objectives.


Climate Action Plan:

a.    OP12: Partner with Good Food Oxfordshire to support their Good Food Strategy for Oxfordshire, ensuring climate considerations are included throughout the strategy.

b.    C8: Include in Community Employment Plans considerations for addressing the council’s climate neutral targets through commitments such as green skills training, sourcing through a local and sustainable supply chain, supporting local social enterprises and charities and accessing local employment.

c.    OP7: Use our membership of Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP) to ensure rapid growth of the green economy – measures that promote economic growth in climate conscious areas.

d.    OP2: Identify areas in our community that are most vulnerable to the effects of climate change to ensure they are properly supported and protected to promote wider community wellbeing.