Sunningwell Parish Council email request.


Thank you for your email about the CGR taking place during 2022.


Sunningwell Parish Councildiscussed this at the council meeting on 25 November 2021.


The parish council asks the Vale to consider bringing all of Boars Hill into Sunningwell Parish please.


The present boundaries mean a part of Boars Hill is in Wootton parish.


We realise that such moves have a domino effect regarding number of electors in parishes.


To help balance that effect perhaps the part of Sunningwell parish in White Cross (Longfurlong Road) could be moved into Wootton Parish.


 This would mean White Cross would also not be split between two parishes.


Additionally, electors in Sunningwell parish can be analysed:

Boars Hill 38%

Sunningwell 25%

Bayworth 23%

Long Furlong 14%

and it would be more sensible and judicious if the parish name could reflect that in some way please.