Future Oxfordshire Partnership (formerly the Oxfordshire Growth Board) response to recommendations of the Partnership Scrutiny Panel made on 23 November 2021


The Future Oxfordshire Partnership is requested to provide a response to the recommendations of the Scrutiny Panel for decision at its meeting on 30 November.  





Recommendation 1: That the Future Oxfordshire Partnership explain who is going to make the decisions on which direction the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 should take, on what basis these decisions will be taken, and how this process will be made transparent to the public.



Recommendation 2: That the Future Oxfordshire Partnership initiate a peer review of the Oxfordshire Growth Needs Assessment.



Recommendation 3: That the Future Oxfordshire Partnership supports the establishment of a ‘Green Belt Review’ as referenced in the minutes of the Oxfordshire Plan Advisory Group meeting on 14 October 2021.



Recommendation 4: That the Future Oxfordshire Partnership ensure that the gender dimensions of infrastructure developments within its remit of influence are properly considered through consultation with diverse groups. 



Recommendation 5: That the Future Oxfordshire Partnership support continued efforts to identify funding for the A4095 [Howes Lane] re-alignment work.



Recommendation 6: That the Future Oxfordshire Partnership request the Environment Advisory Group to add the following items to its work programme:

a)    To explore how the tension between cycleway development and maintenance, and the associated loss of Flora and Fauna, can be effectively managed to maximise sustainable outcomes. This builds on the discussion featured in Minute 15 of the Advisory Group’s most recent meeting


b)    To explore what retrofitting infrastructure is required to be implemented at a community level, such as the need for ground source heat pumps.