of a meeting of the

Joint Scrutiny Committee


held on Monday, 24 January 2022at 6.00 pm

at the 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park OX14 4SB


The public session was broadcasted live and can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amJQgDmHFog


Open to the public, including the press


Present in the meeting room:


South Oxfordshire District Councillors: David Turner and Ian White

Vale of White Horse District Councillors: Nathan Boyd (Chair), Andy Cooke, Hayleigh Gascoigne and David Grant


Cabinet member for Environment (Vale): Councillor Catherine Webber


Officers: Liz Hayden, Head of Housing and Environment and Candida Mckelvey, Democratic Services


Present virtually

Members: Councillor Sam Casey-Rerhaye (South) and Amos Duveen (Vale)

Officers: Suzanne Malcolm, Deputy Chief Executive – Place, Ian Matten, Environmental services manager, Adrianna Partridge, Deputy Chief Executive for Transformation and Operations and William Maxwell, Waste and Recycling Project Manager

Cabinet member for Environment (South): Councillor Sue Cooper




Sc.66               Apologies for absence


Councillor Gawrysiak sent his apologies.




Sc.67               Minutes


The committee reviewed the Joint Scrutiny Committee minutes of the meeting

held on 14 September 2021 and noted the notes of the informal meeting on 16 November 2021. No comments or amendments were raised, so the chair shall sign these as a correct record.




Sc.68               Declarations of interest






Sc.69               Urgent business and chair's announcements


The chair asked committee members to direct questions to the cabinet member, and the cabinet member may defer questions to an officer.




Sc.70               Public participation






Sc.71               Work schedule and dates for all South and Vale scrutiny meetings


Committee noted the work programmes. Chair urged committee to raise any ideas for the work programme by contacting him or the joint scrutiny co-chair.




Sc.72               Exclusion of the public


Chair asked the committee if there was any objection to moving into confidential session to consider a confidential report on future waste services.


The committee had no objection and therefore the meeting moved into confidential session.




Sc.73               Future Waste Services


Cabinet member for Environment and climate emergency introduced the report.


The committee considered the contents of the report and were overall satisfied with the recommended option and therefore there was no objection to the proposal being made to Cabinet.


The committee did not make a specific recommendation but asked Cabinet to consider their comments.



That this item on future waste services will be added to the Joint scrutiny work programme as a standing item, in order to scrutinise developments at key stages.







The meeting closed at 6.55 pm