Council Agenda


Contact: Steven Corrigan, Democratic Services Manager

Telephone number 07717 274704


Date:   10 May 2022




Summons to attend

a meeting of Council


to be held on Wednesday 18 May 2022 on the rising of the preceding extraordinary meeting of Council


First floor, 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, Milton, OX14 4SB


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Patrick Arran

Head of Legal and Democratic


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Open to the public including the press



1.           Apologies for absence


To record apologies for absence.




2.           Election of chair


To elect a chair of Council for the municipal year 2022/23.




3.           Appointment of vice-chair


To appoint a vice-chair of Council for the municipal year 2022/23.




4.           Minutes

(Pages 7 - 20)


To adopt and sign as a correct record the Council minutes of the meeting held on 16 February 2022. 




5.           Declarations of disclosable pecuniary interest


To receive any declarations of disclosable pecuniary interests and any conflicts of interest in respect of items on the agenda for this meeting.  




6.           Urgent business and chair's announcements


To receive notification of any matters which the chair determines should be considered as urgent business and the special circumstances which have made the matters urgent, and to receive any announcements from the chair. 




7.           Public participation


To receive any questions or statements from members of the public that have registered to speak. 




8.           Petitions


To receive any petitions from the public. 




9.           Appointments to committees, panels and joint committees for 2022/23

(Pages 21 - 27)


To consider the report of the head of legal and democratic on the appointment to those committees required to be politically balanced together with the Climate Emergency Advisory Committee, the Licensing Acts Committee, area committees and joint committees and to agree any consequential changes to the constitution - attached. 




10.       Adoption of Oxfordshire Code of Conduct for Councillors

(Pages 28 - 45)


The Joint Audit and Governance Committee, at its meeting on 29 March 2022, considered the report of the councils’ monitoring officer on a draft model Code of Conduct.


The committee agreed to recommend the adoption of the Code to both South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils.


The report of the monitoring officer, which the committee considered on 29 March, is attached.


RECOMMENDATION: to approve the Oxfordshire Code of Conduct, appended to the report of the monitoring officer to the meeting of the Joint Audit and Governance Committee held on 29 March 2022.




11.       Appointment of Independent Persons

(Pages 46 - 49)


To consider the report of the monitoring officer on the appointment of independent persons to assist with code of conduct matters – attached.




12.       Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme - discharge of planning functions

(Pages 50 - 52)


To consider the report of the head of planning seeking approval for the discharge to Oxfordshire County Council of any planning responsibilities that would otherwise be exercised by the Vale of White Horse District Council in relation to the Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme (OFAS) - attached. 




13.       Report of the leader of the council


To receive the report of the leader of the council.




14.       Questions on notice


No questions have been by councillors in accordance with Council procedure rule 33. 




15.       Motions on notice


To consider motions from councillors in accordance with Council procedure rule 38. 


(1)       Motion to be proposed by Councillor Bethia Thomas, seconded by Councillor Bob Johnston:


Healthy food is vital to us all and food production and farming is an important economic and employment sector in our district, with agriculture at the heart of many of our communities. However, the rising costs of fuel and other supplies is creating increased pressure on farmers across the district, whilst government policies on international trade deals threaten to und

ermine UK food quality standards and risk putting farmers out of business – as well as exacerbating food insecurity in the UK.  At the same time, significant increases in the cost of living are putting pressure on residents across the Vale, forcing them to make difficult choices regarding their household budgets, including the amount spent on food and heating.


The district council has a number of powers and opportunities that can help influence food production, support sustainable farming and distribution, reduce food waste, and promote healthy eating for the benefit of our residents and the environment, whilst supporting action to address climate change.


Council therefore resolves:


1.       To create a Member Food and Farming Champion to promote local food production and distribution, as well as healthy eating in the Vale.

2.       To encourage farming communities and agricultural businesses to respond to any consultation on our new Joint Local Plan and Oxfordshire Plan 2050.

3.       To encourage developers to include community gardens and allotment provision within all new housing developments.

4.       To encourage and promote high environmental health standards at all stages of food production, distribution and redistribution, and continue to support local businesses and ‘farm-door’ sales, recognising their positive impact on reducing the carbon emissions associated with food miles.

5.       To maximise opportunities to highlight the importance of food and farming in our local economy via the press and through social media.

6.       To continue to investigate ways we can support food redistribution organisations and food charities to address food poverty in the district, noting the work that has already been done in this regard.

7.       To continue to promote ways we can reduce food waste through our waste service and the use of food recycling bins.

8.       To continue to promote the use of waste food and the highlight the climate benefits this can bring.

9.       To minimise food waste at any event that we may host that serves food, and to use such occasions to highlight the use of waste food, low carbon options, and locally sourced produce wherever possible.


(2)       Motion to be proposed by Councillor Eric de la Harpe, seconded by Councillor Samantha Bowring:


There have been a number of fatal road accidents in Oxfordshire recently involving cyclists.   This is despite changes to the highway code which came into force on the 29 January 2022.   The aim of these changes, which Council believes are to be commended, is to improve the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and horses on the highway by assigning a hierarchy of responsibility such that the heavier the mode of transport, the more responsibility the operator carries for the safety of others using lighter modes of transport. Motorists turning left, for example, must stop for cyclists behind them in a cycle lane.   Cyclists are now also advised to ride in the centre of the lane and to ride two-abreast 


Encouraging active travel is central to Council’s key themes of tackling the Climate Emergency and Building Healthy Communities.  However, not all residents are aware of these new changes ​to the Highway Code and any confusion arising from this could lead to serious ​incidents, between motorists and cyclists and this could discourage active travel. 


Council resolves to: 

  1. Express regret for the recent loss of life on our roads and believes that the changes to the Highway Code should be commended as they seek to mitigate any risk to safety.
  2. Asks the Leader to write to Oxfordshire County Council to ensure that 
    1. the County Council as the highways authority publicises the changes to the Highway Code widely as part of its highways safety messaging and requesting it ensures that all future transport schemes in the Vale of White Horse reflect the latest changes to the Highway Code and encourage Active Travel by default. 
    2. all cycle infrastructure should be delivered in accordance with the standards set out in the Government's Cycle infrastructure design (LTN 1/20) guidance 
  3. Ask the Cabinet member for Community Engagement to work with officers to highlight government and county council communications about the Highway Code changes via our media channels and signpost (for example in Vale News) to the Government website and the latest guidance where relevant. 


(3)  Motion to be proposed by Councillor Max Thompson, seconded by Councillor Richard Webber:

Oxfordshire County Council has been undertaking consultation on its new Oxfordshire Transport and Connectivity Plan, which will support the County Council’s local transport plan vision, which is to deliver a zero-carbon Oxfordshire transport system that enables all parts of the county to thrive, with the intention of supporting clean growth, tackling inequality and protecting our natural and historic environment.

The County Council are seeking to reduce the need to travel within the County and discouraging unnecessary individual private vehicle use by individuals and wish to see walking, cycling, public and shared transport become the natural first choice for residents.   These objectives are inline with those that the district and city councils within the County have already signed up to as part of the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 process and also with the Government’s climate change and carbon reduction policies.

Council resolves to:

  • Welcome Oxfordshire County Councils commitment to set out an ambitious plan to reduce car journeys and reliance on private motor vehicles
  • Support the commitment by the County Council to put climate change action at the heart if its proposals.
  • Continue to respond to consultations on the Oxfordshire Transport and Connectivity Plan supporting the overarching objectives but asks the cabinet member to work with Officers to challenge the policies, as appropriate, in order to ensure they are robust enough to achieve their aim.
  • Ask the Cabinet member for Corporate Services and Transformation to work with officers to continue to ensure that this councils contributions to OxPlan2050 and the forthcoming Joint Local Plan support these aspirations and work to develop spatial planning and policies within those plans reflects the need to reduce the number of avoidable journeys that are currently undertaken by car, such as those required purely for commuting or shopping.
  • Ask the leader to write to the Leader of the county council encouraging them to ensure that they reflect, as far as possible, their aspirations when responding to planning consultations, not only Vale, but across the County noting that they will need to comply with policy.