How to petition the council


You can create, sign and submit petitions online. The same procedures apply to these as paper petitions, but ePetitions can be published on the council website and are open to signatures for a specified period.

How will the council respond to petitions?

Our response to a petition will depend on what a petition asks for and how many people have signed it, but may include one or more of the following:

  • • taking the action requested in the petition
  • • considering the petition at a council meeting
  • • undertaking research or holding an inquiry into the matter
  • • holding a public meeting
  • • holding a consultation
  • • holding a meeting with petitioners
  • • referring the petition for consideration by the council’s scrutiny committee
  • • writing to the petition organiser setting out our views about the request in the petition
  • In addition to these steps, the council will consider all the specific actions it can potentially take on the issues highlighted in a petition.

    Planning, Licencing and Statutory Petitions

    If the petition applies to a planning or licensing application, or if it is a statutory petition (for example requesting a referendum on having a mayor) other procedures apply and we won’t necessarily apply the above procedure. For example, a petition on a planning application will be treated as a comment on that application through the standard planning application consultation process.

    Council's petition scheme