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Save Old Abbey House, Abingdon

We the undersigned petition the council to Save Old Abbey House for the people of Abingdon. The VOWHDC has put Old Abbey House up for sale. We must keep Abingdon's heritage for current and future generations, to attract visitors and help our historic town thrive. This petition calls on the VOWHDC to: 1. Keep OAH in public or community ownership/use for the benefit of the growing population of Abingdon. 2. Support the creation of a mixed usage, flexible community facility which could include space to host art, cultural and musical events, a restaurant, room hire for start-ups/community groups/societies and help attract residents and visitors to the historic heart of Abingdon.

There has been a change.org electronic petition with 1566 signatures plus a further 53 hand written signatures giving a total of 1619 in support. The 112 comments have already been submitted to Emily Smith and colleagues.

This ePetition ran from 20/08/2020 to 30/09/2020 and has now finished.

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