Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Community lottery - to consider a business case to develop a community lottery scheme25/11/2019For Determination02/10/2020
Corporate Plan 2020 to 2024 - to consider a draft plan for consultation25/11/2019For Determination10/07/2020
Corporate plan 2020 to 2024 - to approve a draft plan for consultation25/11/2019For Determination05/2020
Council tax reduction scheme20/11/2019For Determination23/01/2020
Delivery of Affordable Housing and options for a housing delivery vehicle20/11/2019For DeterminationBetween 01/09/2020 and 31/12/2020
The Charter, Abingdon20/11/2019For DeterminationMeeting Date
Strategic property review20/11/2019For DeterminationMeeting Date
Regular budget monitoring20/11/2019For DeterminationMeeting Date
Unlawful encampments20/11/2019For DeterminationMeeting Date
Homes in multiple occupation20/11/2019For DeterminationMeeting Date
Civil parking enforcement20/11/2019For Determination23/11/2020
Oxfordshire Plan 205020/11/2019For DeterminationMeeting Date
Review and comment on the draft corporate plan 2020-2024 for public consultation20/11/2019For Determination06/07/2020
Community infrastructure levy spending strategy20/11/2019For Determination09/2020
Budget 2020/2120/11/2019For Determination06/02/2020
Planning appeals 2018/1920/11/2019For DeterminationNot before 20/07/2020
Planning monitoring report 2018/1920/11/2019For Determination20/07/2020
Fees and charges 2020/2120/11/2019For Determination01/2020
Didcot Garden Town20/11/2019For Determination16/01/2020
Oxfordshire Growth Board governance20/11/2019For Determination16/01/2020
Homelessness and rough sleeping strategy20/11/2019For Determination28/11/2019
Planning enforcement20/11/2019For Determination28/11/2019
Corporate services contract - to agree a variation to the contract. This decision is likely to be considered in exempt session due to the confidential nature of contract negotiations (Category 3).07/11/2019For Determination03/02/2020
Council tax reduction scheme - review the scheme for 2020/2101/11/2019For Determination03/02/2020
Grounds maintenance and public convenience contract - to appoint a contractor01/11/2019For Determination03/02/2020
Recommendations from other committees - to consider and determine action on any recommendations from other committees18/10/2019For Determination10/07/2020
Housing assistance, disabled adaptions and grants policy - to approve a new policy18/10/2019For Determination10/07/2020
Electric vehicle charging points - to review provision in council-owned car parks04/10/2019For Determination09/2020
Capital strategy - to review the strategy and recommend any update to Council30/08/2019For Determination12/02/2020
Revenue budget 2020/21 and capital programme to 2024/25 - to recommend Council to approve the budget13/08/2019For Determination12/02/2020
Treasury management and investment strategy 2020/21 - to recommend Council to approve the strategy13/08/2019For Determination12/02/2020
Treasury management mid-year monitoring - to recommend Council to note the report13/08/2019For Determination12/02/2020
Council tax base 2020/21 - to recommend Council to approve the council tax base13/08/2019For Determination11/12/2019
Milton Science Centre - to approve the accountable body agreement13/08/2019For Determination04/12/2020
Affordable housing - to consider various affordable housing matters13/08/2019For Determination03/02/2020
Didcot Garden Town - to approve new governance arrangements and recommend capacity funding allocation to Council13/08/2019For Determination12/02/2020
Great Western Park, Didcot - to approve a public art commissioning strategy13/08/2019For Determination02/10/2020
Wootton and St Helen Without Neighbourhood Plan - to recommend Council to make the neighbourhood plan part of this council's development plan13/08/2019For Determination11/12/2019
North Hinksey Neighbourhood Plan - to recommend Council to make the neighbourhood plan part of this council's development plan13/08/2019For Determination12/05/2021
Abingdon One Public Estate - to consider property options - This item is likely to be an exempt decision due to the confidential nature of property negotiations (Category 3)13/08/2019For Determination03/04/2020
Old Abbey House, Abingdon - to consider options for its future use - This is likely to be an exempt decision due to the confidential nature of property negotiations (Category 3)13/08/2019For Determination03/04/2020
Car parking - to review the fees and charges01/07/2019For Determination07/08/2020
Civil parking enforcement01/07/2019For Determination07/10/2020
Sparsholt Sewage Treatment Works - to replace the existing plant13/06/2019For Determination02/10/2020
Challow Sewage Treatment Works - to award a contract to replace existing plant10/05/2019For Determination09/2020
Homelessness and rough sleeping strategy - to adopt a strategy10/05/2019For Determination10/07/2020
Stairlift contract - to award a contract to provide stairlifts funded by the Disabled Facilities Grant01/03/2019For Determination09/2020
Local Plan - to approve the Local Development Scheme and Statement of Community Involvement15/02/2019For Determination03/02/2020
Standing item: section 106 funds - to create a budget and release funds10/11/2017For Determination07/2020
Office accommodation - to recommend Council to agree arrangements with South Oxfordshire District Council on approach to shared council office accommodation12/10/2017For Determination07/10/2020
Standing item: Neighbourhood planning - to determine any matters relating to neighbourhood plans05/08/2016For Determination06/2020
Standing item: Property decisions - to approve any property sales or purchases or take any property management decisions - This is likely to be an exempt decision due to the confidential nature of property negotiations with third parties (Category 3)09/10/2013For Determination07/2020