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Ridgeway Shared Service Partnership Strategic Board

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Information about Ridgeway Shared Service Partnership Strategic Board

Copies of agendas and minutes from July 2010 are available on South Oxfordshire District Council’s website:

Ridgeway Shared Services Partnership agendas and minutes 2010-11



Terms of reference


The purpose of the Ridgeway Shared Service Strategic Board is to carry out the strategic, financial and operational functions agreed by the Partner Authorities (South Oxfordshire District Council and Vale of White Horse District Council) and in doing so to:

(i)         discharge, on behalf of the Partner Authorities, such of their respective statutory responsibilities to provide a range of financial services as are delegated to the Strategic Board from time to time, so far as this accords with the agreed objectives and policies of the Rifgeway Shared Service Partnership; and

(ii)        provide a framework and mechanisms to enable joint working between the Partner Authorities on financial services.