Document Petitions

Petitions The council welcomes petitions from those who live, work, or study in the Vale of White Horse and recognises that petitions are one way in which people can let us know their concerns or the strength of public feeling. All petitions sent or presented to the council will receive an acknowledgement from the council within 10 working days of receipt. This acknowledgement will set out what we plan to do with the petition, which will likely involve consulting the relevant department. We will treat something as a petition if it is identified as being a petition, or if it seems to us that it is intended to be a petition. Petitions can also be presented to a meeting of the Council. These meeting dates and times can be found here. If you would like to present your petition, or would like your councillor or someone else to present it on your behalf, please contact Democratic Services at least 10 working days before the meeting and they will talk you through the process. If your petition has received over 500 signatures or more it will also be scheduled for a council debate. If this is the case we will let you know when this will happen, and invite you to present the petition. Paper petitions can be sent to: Democratic Services Vale of White Horse District Council 135 Eastern Avenue Milton Park OX14 4SB