The Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Charter



About this Charter


The city of Oxford is the second most unequal place in the UK, in terms of income, housing affordability and life expectancy.  Education attainment is below average affecting all generations. These problems extend beyond the city and exist across the whole of Oxfordshire.

Our mission is to create more opportunities for all people in Oxfordshire, making use of everyone’s potential, so that we can all benefit from Oxfordshire’s success.


The Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership[1] has created an ‘inclusive economy charter’ (The Charter). This allows organisations and individuals to pledge their support to this important work and to make commitments to actions they will take. The Charter is a statement of our shared commitment to creating a more inclusive local economy and reflects the ambitions of the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership.


The Charter is aimed at both individual people and organisations. Everyone is welcome to join us.


Why sign the charter?

Actively supporting inclusion across Oxfordshire’s economy will generate real benefits for your organisation. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors are increasingly being considered by employees, customers, funders, investors, and partners. Participating in the work of the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership, through the pledges you make within this Charter, provides a way of demonstrating your commitment to social issues -

·         Promoting your role in Oxfordshire’s inclusive economy work will help you to attract people to work with you.

·         Accessing the widest pool of talent will support growth and productivity within your company or organisation. 

·         Purchasing from local suppliers and supporting your staff to undertake volunteering activities within the community will contribute to well-being and a sense of loyalty among your employees, differentiating your organisation from competitors. 

Joining the work of the Partnership is not only a good thing to do, but it will make a difference to your business too.

By signing this Charter, you are demonstrating your support for and commitment to making Oxfordshire a fairer and more inclusive place to live and work.


When you sign the charter, you are pledging to support the work of the Partnership for the next calendar year. After a year, we will ask you to renew/update your pledges.



About the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership


The Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership brings together over a hundred organisations – including employers, business, education, community groups and local government.

We are working to create opportunities for all people in Oxfordshire, making use of everyone’s potential, so that we can all benefit from Oxfordshire’s success.  Our aim is to create an environment and communities that can adapt to change, a region that is resilient in the face of shocks in the economy and a workforce that responds to different needs and different kinds of work in the future.

We are a county-wide group, working to share knowledge, expertise and resources to address some of our greatest challenges.  This is not a short-term initiative, but a long-term endeavour. Our vision is an Oxfordshire that creates opportunities and benefits for all communities and people within our region.

We take good practice and are looking for ways to amplify or scale these activities so that they have the greatest level of impact. We are focusing on 4 areas - inclusive employment; educational attainment; social value and procurement; and place-based interventions – investing in places that need it most.


Pledge your support by signing the Charter


I pledge my support to the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership:


Name of individual



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Address of Organisation

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I am signing on behalf of….

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I consent to information contained in this Charter being used by the Inclusive Economy Partnership in its communication activities





Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Pledges


There are many ways for you to support the work to create an inclusive economy in Oxfordshire. In this table, we provide the thematic areas of the work of the Partnership.  Please consider including your own pledge and tell us what you will do to support/ show commitment in your organisation or as an individual to further an inclusive economy in Oxfordshire.


In developing your pledge, please refer to information from the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership working groups (insert signposting to information).  Each group has created a set of recommendations and an action plan.  We are keen to receive support and commitment to implement and deliver these action plans.


The pledges are a way to publicly share the commitment you have made to further an inclusive economy in Oxfordshire, and we will share these on the Future Oxfordshire Partnership website to raise awareness and inspire action from others. In no more than 50 words please include your own pledges as either an individual, organisation (or both).


Educational Attainment

Social Value & Procurement


·         As an organisation we will…


Example: pledge to provide work placements/apprenticeships for young people.


·         As an individual I will…


Example: pledge to support colleagues and/or those I manage to develop their skills in the workplace.



·         As an organisation we will…


Example: pledge to proactively procure from local sustainable, inclusive and socially purposeful businesses to increase social value.


·         As an individual I will…


Example: pledge to “buy local” wherever possible



Inclusive Employment

Place based interventions


·         As an organisation we will…


Example: work on our recruitment practices to ensure they are inclusive and proactively support the recruitment of a diverse workforce.


·         As an individual I will…


Example: pledge to question and challenge unintended bias or prejudice when selecting/recruiting new members of staff.


·         As an organisation we will…


Example: pledge to work in partnership to deliver place-based interventions that help to foster a healthy place for all.


·         As an individual I will…


Example: pledge to reduce congestion and pollution by investing in an electric bike fleet for our workforce.



Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership - Data Protection Statement


As part of our support to you, Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership (Overseen by Future Oxfordshire Partnership will collect and process personal data relating to you/your organisation in order to communicate with you about the work and activities of the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership. We are committed to being transparent about how we collect and use that data and to meeting our data protection obligations. This statement is in compliance with current requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.[DA1] 


What information do we collect?

We collect the following information about you:-


-Your name 

-Name of your organisation (if applicable)

-Contact details



Data will be stored in the following location:

Centrally on our main spreadsheet and saved on a secure, password protected drive


Why do we process personal data?

We will process your data only where you have provided your consent for us to do so and only for the purposes of supporting you in relation to the Charter and the work/activities of the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership.


Who has access to data?

Your information may be shared internally for the purposes of support and administration of the Charter but will be accessible only by individuals providing administrative support to the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership..


How long will we keep your information?

We will hold your data on file throughout the work of the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership, in order to complete any evaluation/monitoring required.


Providing personal data, data protection and your rights

As a data subject you have number of rights. Please refer to our main privacy notice for details of your rights and how we protect your data:



Further information/Questions:

For any further questions about you data as part of the Charter scheme please contact the data processor: Clayton Lavallin, Principal Regeneration and Economic Development Officer, Oxford City Council:



I hereby consent to my data being processed as outlined above:










Organisation: ___________________________________________________________________


Date: __________________________________________________________________________


Signature: ______________________________________________________________________




[1] In March 2021, a range of partners from public, private, voluntary and community sectors across Oxfordshire came together to collaborate on launching an Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership. The partnership agreed that a Charter would be an effective tool to mobilise support for and secure commitment to further an inclusive economy countywide. The partnership was formed following a series of workshops and seminars in 2019/20 looking at the state of the inclusive economy, findings here:

 [DA1]I think this para needs a bit of technical review from someone who understands the DPA requirements in detail.  The FOP is not registered with the ICO as it is not a separate legal entity - and in practice the data will strictly speaking presumably be held by the city council?