The Future Oxfordshire Partnership Oxfordshire Plan 2050 Advisory Group


HELD on Thursday 17 February 2022 at 10.00 am

Virtual via MS Teams





Members: Councillors Emily Smith (Chair), Colin Clarke, Duncan Enright, Jeff Haine, Debby Hallett, Alex Hollingsworth and Anne-Marie Simpson


Officer: Giles Hughes (West Oxfordshire District Council), Kevin Jacob (Future Oxfordshire Partnership) and Andrew Thompson (Oxfordshire Plan 2050 Team)




56         Apologies for absence and notification of substitutions; declarations of interest; Chair's announcements


There were no apologies for absence, declarations of interest or Chair’s announcements.




57         Notes of the previous meeting


The notes of the meeting held on 20 January 2022 were agreed as a correct summary.




58         Presentation on spatial options and housing requirement options


Andrew Thompson, Principal Planner, Oxfordshire Plan 2050 Team provided a presentation, setting out at a high level, a representation of the different spatial options and housing requirement options arising from the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 Regulation 18 Part 2 consultation. This included a summary of key issues raised within the consultation feedback in support of each potential option, but also key concerns raised.  The presentation also included an example of how a data layering process could be used to work through the site options in order to facilitate discussion of spatial strategy issues.


In discussion of the presentation, advisory group members commented that, if possible, it would be helpful to have a breakdown of demographic information about responses (either supporting or expressing objections) to each of the options so as to help decision makers gain an insight into where the feedback was coming from and assist their consideration of it. Officers responded that this information was not immediately available and had not been explicitly asked of respondents within the consultation portal, but that this could be looked into.


Members commented on the importance of any potential option or housing requirement being legally and technically compliant and asked that available legal advice be shared with the advisory group at a future meeting. Officers agreed that this could be provided in due course.  




59         Reflections on comments made at recent scrutiny committees


Giles Hughes, Chief Executive, West Oxfordshire District Council provided an overview of the feedback received from the city and district council scrutiny committees following the consideration of scrutiny committees of a report setting out an update on the preparation of the Oxfordshire Plan, including a summary of the comments received during the recent consultation. The advisory group was informed that the feedback would be carefully considered and where necessary future reports amended to address the comments made.




60         Updates on the work programme


The advisory group was informed that consideration of the work programme was ongoing, taking into account the options available and the preparation of evidence needed to support the Oxfordshire Plan, either standalone pieces of work or to sit alongside or complement evidence produced through the Local Plan processes of the individual planning authorities. It was noted that any adjustment to the timetable and work programme would primarily be driven by the need to have a robust evidence base as possible and would involve discussion with professional officers across the councils and where appropriate, HM Government.


In discussion, Members of the advisory group referred to the need to take account of any budgetary considerations as part of the work programme review process and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of any potential extension and additional consultation with a range of views being discussed.




61         Future meetings


The dates of future advisory group meetings as set out in the agenda were noted and that consideration was being given to the holding of a joint workshop between members of the advisory group and council Leaders.





The meeting closed at 12.20 pm