Extraordinary Council

Report of Head of Legal & Democratic

Author: Steven Corrigan, Democratic Services Manager

Telephone: 07717 274704

E-mail: steven.corrigan@southandvale.gov.uk

To: Extraordinary Council

DATE: 18 May 2022



Appointment of Honorary Aldermen


To confer the title of Honorary Alderman, under section 249(1) of the Local Government Act 1972, in recognition of their significant contribution to the Council in particular and public service in general, to Dr Jim Halliday, Mr Jerry Patterson and Mr Reg Waite.


Purpose of Report

1.    This report invites Council to consider appointing three former councillors, Dr Jim Halliday, Mr Jerry Patterson and Mr Reg Waite, as Honorary Aldermen of the Council.


2.    Section 249(1) of the Local Government Act 1972 allows a Council to confer the title of Honorary Alderman/Alderwomen on former councillors who have, in the opinion of the Council, rendered eminent service to the council as past members of the council. This requires a resolution passed by not less than two thirds of the members voting on it at a meeting of the Council, specially convened for the purpose.

3.    The appointment of Honorary Alderman/Alderwomen is to confer recognition on past councillors who, over a period of time, have made an exceptional contribution to the work of the council and the community. The title cannot be conferred on a serving councillor and is a lifetime award.

4.    The title is purely a mark of respect and does not confer on the holder any right to attend Council or committee meetings or to receive any payment. Honorary Alderman/Alderwomen are entitled to attend civic occasions as the council may from time to time decide.



5.    The following former councillors have been nominated for the position by Councillor Emily Smith and Councillor Simon Howell on behalf of the Liberal Democrat and Conservative Groups:

·         Dr Jim Halliday;

·         Mr Jerry Patterson; and

·         Mr Reg Waite.

Climate and ecological impact implications

6.    There are no climate and ecological implications arising from this report.

Financial Implications

7.    The cost of purchasing the Honorary Aldermen Scrolls will be met from existing budgets.

Legal Implications

8.    These are set out in the body of this report.


9. Council is invited to consider awarding the title of Honorary Alderman to Dr Jim Halliday, Mr Jerry Patterson and Mr Reg Waite.


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