Contact: Darius Zarazel, Democratic Services Officer

Tel: 07917 088376



Date: 13 May 2024





A meeting of the

Licensing Acts Committee

will be held on Thursday, 23 May 2024 on the rising of the proceeding meeting of the General Licensing Committee


Meeting Room 1, Abbey House, Abbey Close, Abingdon, OX14 3JE



Members of the Committee:

To be confirmed at the annual meeting of Council on 22 May 2024.










Alternative formats of this publication are available on request.  These include large print, Braille, audio, email and easy read.  For this or any other special requirements (such as access facilities) please contact the officer named on this agenda.  Please give as much notice as possible before the meeting.




Vivien Williams,

Head of Legal and Democratic (Interim)













Open to the Public including the Press



1.           Chair's announcements


To receive any announcements from the chair and general housekeeping matters.





2.           Apologies for absence


To record apologies for absence. 





3.           Minutes (Pages 4 - 5)


To adopt and sign as a correct record the Licensing Acts Committee minutes of the meeting held on 17 May 2023. 





4.           Declarations of interest


To receive any declarations of disclosable pecuniary interests and any conflicts of interest in respect of items on the agenda for this meeting.  





5.           Urgent business


To receive notification of any matters which the chair determines should be considered as urgent business and the special circumstances which have made the matters urgent.





6.           Public participation


To receive any questions or statements from members of the public that have registered to speak. 





7.           Appointment of Licensing Panels


Purpose: to agree the appointment of licensing sub-committees to consider matters under the Licensing Act 2003 and Gambling Act 2005.




1.         appoint licensing sub-committees comprising any three members of the Licensing Acts Committee;


2.         appoint each member of the Licensing Acts Committee to serve on any subcommittee which is convened so as to include them in its membership, subject to them having attended appropriate training in the last 12 months;


3.         agree that the sub-committees be known as licensing panels;


4.         authorise each licensing panel to discharge all functions under the Licensing Act 2003 and Gambling Act 2005 including determining and dealing with applications for licences, certificates, temporary events and other notices and all variations, transfers, withdrawals and reviews of such matters;


5.         agree that wherever possible applications should be heard by a licensing panel comprising the chair or vice-chair of the committee plus two other members of the committee, but that this should not affect the principle that any three members of the committee will constitute a properly appointed licensing panel;


6.         authorise the head of legal and democratic to invite an appropriate licensing panel to conduct a scheduled hearing having regard to members’ availability and eligibility to take part and ensuring that as far as possible all members of the committee have the opportunity to conduct hearings.