of an extraordinary meeting of the



held on Wednesday 18 May 2022at 7.00 pm

at the 135 Eastern Avenue, Milton Park, OX14 4SB



Open to the public, including the press


Present in the meeting room:

Councillors:   Margaret Crick (Chair), Jerry Avery, Ron Batstone, Samantha Bowring, Nathan Boyd, Cheryl Briggs, Andy Cooke, Andy Crawford, Eric de la Harpe, Neil Fawcett, Andy Foulsham, Hayleigh Gascoigne, David Grant, Jenny Hannaby, Simon Howell, Alison Jenner, Bob Johnston, Diana Lugova, Robert Maddison, Sarah Medley, Patrick O'Leary, Sally Povolotsky, Judy Roberts, Janet Shelley, Emily Smith, Bethia Thomas, Max Thompson, Elaine Ware, Catherine Webber and Richard Webber


Officers:  Patrick Arran, Head of Legal & Democratic and Monitoring Officer,

Steven Corrigan, Democratic Services Manager, and Suzanne Malcolm, Deputy Chief Executive - Place


Remote attendance (not entitled to vote):

Councillors Eric Batts and Ben Mabbett





103.    Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of Councillors Paul Barrow,

Amos Duveen, Debby Hallett, Helen Pighills, Mike Pighills and Val Shaw.




104.    Declarations of disclosable pecuniary interest






105.    Public participation


Honorary Alderwoman Joyce Hutchinson addressed Council. She spoke in support of, and congratulated, all three nominees on being put forward as Honorary Aldermen.  




106.    Appointment of Honorary Aldermen


Council considered the report of the head of legal & democratic which invited it to consider appointing three former councillors, Dr Jim Halliday, Mr Jerry Patterson and Mr Reg Waite, as Honorary Aldermen.


Councillors Neill Fawcett, Richard Webber and Nathan Boyd spoke in support of the nomination for Dr Jim Halliday.


Dr Jim Halliday addressed Council in response to his nomination.


Councillors Bob Johnston, Judy Roberts and Elaine Ware spoke in support of the nomination for Mr Jerry Patterson.


Mr Jerry Patterson addressed Council in response to his nomination.


Councillors Simon Howell, Richard Webber and Margaret Crick spoke in support of the nomination for Mr Reg Waite.


Mr Reg Waite addressed Council in response to his nomination.


Council showed its support for the appointments with a round of applause.


Councillor Crick, Chair of Council, advised that Council was being asked to undertake the formal process at this meeting and that a celebratory event would be held in the near future at which each Honorary Alderman would receive a Certificate of Appointment.


RESOLVED: To confer the title of Honorary Alderman, under section 249(1) of the Local Government Act 1972, in recognition of their significant contribution to the Council in particular and public service in general, to Dr Jim Halliday,

Mr Jerry Patterson and Mr Reg Waite.







The meeting closed at 7:37pm



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